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Safety Equipment

  • Inflatable Liferafts

    A wide variety of models from different manufacturers are available to meet the requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). An exceptionally rugged construction supplied in glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) containers.

  • Hydrostatic Release Units | Double Looped Rope Line Type

    These units consist of a double looped rope line, a release mechanism, and a weak link.

  • Life Jackets

    A life jacket should be provided for every person on board the ship. Each life jacket is fitted with a light, whistle, and retro-reflective material.

  • Lifebuoys

    Normally made from polyurethane foam inner core. In compliance with requirements it is fitted with a buoyant lifeline.

  • Immersion Suits

    Made of foam rubber. Servers to prevent the loss of body heat when submerged in cold water. Shall be provided for every person assigned to the crew of the rescue boat and at least three immersion suits shall be provided for each open type lifeboat on the ship.

  • Retro-Reflective Tapes

    Retro-reflective tape which reflects light. All life-saving equipment (Liferafts, Life Jackets, etc) shall be fitted with retro-reflective tapes where it will assist in detection.

  • Hatchets

    A short handled, single edge rectangular head, usually with a lanyard.