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Rigging Equipment & General Deck Items

  • Bow Shackless – BA with Flat Head Pin

    A weldless, drop forged, carbon steel shackle with a flathead pin which has a hole for a securing pin at one end.

  • Bow Shackles – BB with Hexagon Head Bolt

    A wedless, drop forged, carbon steel shackle with a hexagon, metric coarse threaded bolt, nut, and a split pin hole at the other end.

  • Bow Shackles – BC with Eye Bolt

    Wedless, drop forged, carbon steel shackle with an bolt which has a metric coarse threaded end.

  • Turnbuckles Eye and Eye

    Turnbuckles fittings are hot galvanized above the threading.

  • Turnbuckles Jaw and Jaw

    Drop forged steel D6 Brand Turnbuckle of hex. neck frame bodies. All jaw end fittings are supplied with hex. head bolts & nuts.

  • Lashing Snatch Blocks

    Has a safe and easily operated locking device with a 150 mm sheave diam.

  • Safety Latch Hooks

    Drop forged and heat treated. When released, the latch closes automatically and will not open unless a release button on the body is pushed.