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Hose & Couplings

  • Rubber Air Hose | Molded & Braided Construction

    Black, corrugated or smooth surface, molded and braided construction, for general service.

  • Rubber Twin Welding Hose – Molded & Braided Construction

    One piece, two-line welding hose, securely joined together to prevent tangling and increase flexibility. One line is red and the other is black to facilitate the welding operation.

  • Water Discharge Hose – P.V.C. Synthetic Fiber Braided

    P.V.C. and synthetic fibers do not rust, corrode or require cathodic protection. Soft pliable, rolls up easily, requires minimum storage space. Tough, puncture proof, long service life.

  • P.V.C. Tetoron Reinforced Hose

    The flexible, transparent, smooth internal surface of this hose lessens fluid-resistance. For use on various machine tools, and the transport of chemical.

  • P.V.C. Abrasion Resistant Hose

    P.V.C. Abrasion Resistant Hose