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Hand Tools

  • Deep Socket Wrenches

    Deep sockets made of a special alloy steel. The socket walls are made thin for easy access to nuts and bolts set in narrow spots.

  • Ratchet Handles for Socket Wrenches

    Drop forged from selected steel with 24 teeth in the ratcheting-gear instedad of the usual 16 to 20.

  • Extension Bars for Socket Wrenches

    Made from selected alloy steel. Has a square drive fitting for attaching a socket at one end and a receptacle fitting for attaching the ratchet handle at the other.

  • Double Open End Wrench Sets, Double Head 15º Angle

    Chrome vanadium steel with head polish-ed and clipped into a metal clip.

  • Blacksmiths’ Tongs

    Blacksmiths’ Tongs