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Cloth & Linen Products

  • Bed Sheets

    Made of 100% cotton, woven 24 denier 131 (65×66) threads per square inch. Sanforized, machine wash, hot tumbler dry, usually furnished white or blue colour. Standard sizes are listed below.

  • Pillows

    Filled with kapok, shredded polyurethane foam or chicken or duck feather and covered in linen like striped cotton tick. Standard sizes are listed below.

  • Canvas Laundry Bags

    Made No. 11 white canvas. The standard size is 450 mm diam. and 1,170 mm high. Holes for a close string are set and eyeletted at the opening of the bag.

  • LaunPdry Lines

    Made of 3 synthetic strands of 4 mm diam, high tensile rope. Available 5 mtr in coil with hooks at both ends and length adjusting plates, or in 200 mtr coils with cut ends.

  • Coat Hangers

    Made of wood or plastic, styled with a bar. Each hanger is approx. 400 mm wide.

  • Towels

    Made of 100% cotton for durability and absorption. Looped cotton fabric on both sides.

  • Transparent Plastic Sheeting

    Very useful as a table cloth cover or for covering floors in accommodations or hallways during paintwork, while in dock, or when discharging iron, ore, coal or other dry cargo.